Energy Management Software

Our Energy Management Software known as IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) offers secure data storage for all the information collected from Pulse – the data collection component of our aM&T solution.

IBASS is a comprehensive energy management software package that allows both RUMM and the client to examine utility consumption data using a range of reports, identify those areas of high consumption and review on a regular basis their cumulative savings either in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions or cost.

With its web-based format, IBASS allows users to access data concurrently from any location, and with its powerful monitoring section, IBASS energy management software allows users to cross compare meters, set benchmarks and view analysis across either the whole or part of the site.

Even for those areas where sub meters are not installed as part of the aM&T system, IBASS energy management software provides users with the option to create a virtual meter by deducting all aM&T readings from the overall consumption rate in order to identify consumption across all other areas.

Bill validation is another advantage of the IBASS energy management software – a function that allows end users to determine if they are paying the correct price for their energy usage and with its comprehensive alarm functions, IBASS energy management software can be set up to alert users of any alterations in consumption shown on the meters installed on the aM&T system.

For a demonstration of the benefits RUMM’s IBASS energy management software can offer you as part of an aM&T system and to chat with us on how we can help with business energy reduction please contact us today.

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