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Are you looking for a London Architect to help with designing your new offices?  Have a look at some of the projects which our London Architects have completed to help your decision…

Spotlight Casting Studios

Charles House, Leicester Square, London
Office refurbishment, interiors and furniture design scheme, including reception area
Construction cost: confidential
Client: Spotlight Casting Directories
Remodelling and interior of two floors. The first floor was designed to create three large, purpose-built casting studios, with an associated ‘Green-room’ for studio users, an extensive waiting area and reception space. All elements of the space were designed by dblo associates including the reception desk, furniture and internet access wall. The third floor reconfigured the existing cellular offices to appear as open plan while accommodating three different departments, with a centralised print and graphics zone.

Nigerian Defence Agency

Headquarters Proposal
Abuja, Nigeria
Public New Build
Construction cost: –
Client: Nigerian Defence Agency

dblo associates were invited to produce design proposals for a new Nigerian Defence Headquarters building as part of a larger military base in Asokoro, Abuja. The building would provide over 120,000sqft of office, auditorium and exhibition space. Offices spaces include principle staff suites, cellular, open plan, operations and archive rooms. Tiered security, designed into the building, allows for controlled visitor access to the auditorium and exhibition spaces.

 The building’s overall design concept was of a defensive fortress or castle with layers of access provision, an internal courtyard and solid stone external walls with minimal window openings.

Environmental measures have been considered to keep mechanical services to a minimum. The deep reveal external walls, for increased thermal mass and thus environmental control, provide solar shading for windows, as do the concrete floors. A mixed ventilation system, powered by solar panels on the roof, and natural stack effect limit total reliance on air conditioning or comfort cooling systems.

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