Energy Management Software

Our Energy Management Software known as IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) offers secure data storage for all the information collected from Pulse – the data collection component of our aM&T solution.

IBASS is a comprehensive energy management software package that allows both RUMM and the client to examine utility consumption data using a range of reports, identify those areas of high consumption and review on a regular basis their cumulative savings either in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions or cost.

With its web-based format, IBASS allows users to access data concurrently from any location, and with its powerful monitoring section, IBASS energy management software allows users to cross compare meters, set benchmarks and view analysis across either the whole or part of the site.

Even for those areas where sub meters are not installed as part of the aM&T system, IBASS energy management software provides users with the option to create a virtual meter by deducting all aM&T readings from the overall consumption rate in order to identify consumption across all other areas.

Bill validation is another advantage of the IBASS energy management software – a function that allows end users to determine if they are paying the correct price for their energy usage and with its comprehensive alarm functions, IBASS energy management software can be set up to alert users of any alterations in consumption shown on the meters installed on the aM&T system.

For a demonstration of the benefits RUMM’s IBASS energy management software can offer you as part of an aM&T system and to chat with us on how we can help with business energy reduction please contact us today.

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The Materials

At the Memorial Group we only work with the finest natural materials for our headstones. Carefully selected, these can either be quarried at a chosen location or imported from special sited around the world.

We offer a wide range of different materials which we can sculpt and inscribe exactly as you choose. The highest quality marble is imported direct from our site in Carrara, Italy. Our granite is selected from india, China South Africa or Sweden. And we can also offer limestone, sandstone, nabrasina and an array of other options.

Standards you can trust

All our materials are sourced at locations we have visited, surveyed and approved. In fact many of our quarries have delivered consistently excellent results for over 60 years. It’s this extra level of care that we believe results in truly lasting memorials & headstones that will stand the test of time for generations to come.

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American Black Walnut Flooring

We source our Blueridge Real American Black Walnut logs from the US/Canadian Border. This means that our Walnut Flooring is made from the finest slow grown timber taken only from sustainably managed forests, so you can be sure that your purchasing decision is not literally costing the earth. The hardwood is steamed during the manufacturing process to darken the wood to a rich brown colour. There are cheaper Chinese grown walnut floors on the market but without the close grain and rich colouration of our Canadian Walnut, and certainly without the ecological credentials of our wood.

Blueridge American Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra) is probably our best selling floor. We think it is probably one of the richest looking and finest quality Real American Black Walnut floors available on the market. We have it made exclusively for us in Singapore using logs sourced from sustainable forests on the Canadian / US border.

We have developed a 100% hardwood 3 layer sandwich construction for our Blueridge Walnut engineered flooring. Why? Simply because it is much more stable than other methods. All of the bonded layers will respond to moisture differentials at the same rate, thus placing less pressure on the glue layer and making it less likely to distort or fail under stress. Because we use more of the log to make our flooring there is less waste so it’s good for the environment too.

We can supply solid or engineered boards from 80mm right up to 220mm in a variety finishes; (brushed, oiled, lacquered, scraped, etc.)….

Other Wood Floors we offer are:

American Walnut
Black walnut
Engineered Walnut

Solid American Black Walnut

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here then call us for free 0800 7561271 or email for more information.

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Ad-Hoc Pay as You Go IT Support

Pay as you Go IT Support can be taken on a contract basis, whereby you benefit from preferential rates and high Service Levels, or simply contact us and pay per incident, we can give you a fixed price for a job if this is prefered.

Pay as you Go IT Support is a great alternative if you feel you cannot afford nor want to be tied down to a contract. Many companies want to save money and deal with their IT issues as and when required.
This alternative can also be used if your company resources are running low or staff are unavailable. You will receive the same high level of expertise from this service as you would do from a contract based IT Support program. The main difference is you pay a small monthly retainer, which gives you a commitment to SLAs offered by Knowall.

For more info visit our website:

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IT Support

Knowall IT provides you with an outsourced IT support department. We aim to give high quality, proactive, responsive & cost effective IT solutions and support engineers…

Our core objective is to provide your business with a stable IT infrastructure and reliable support system. Working with Knowall IT ensures that the day to day hassle and worry about your IT systems is eliminated meaning you are able to focus on your business rather than worry about your IT.

Working with Knowall IT will:

  • Free up your time so you can concentrate on running your business
  • Guarantee to save you money by consolidating your IT spend
  • Will increase employee productivity by ensuring 100% uptime of systems
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